Sending characters to auditions which fit ttheir profile

About Us

Logan Talent is a talent agency based in Mellville that has been running for over two years now.Over the last two years of our existance we have strived in not only helping people achieve their dreams of being in television or print ads,or appearing in film as extras,but we have gone an extra mile in making artists,or characters on our databasehappy  by doing our best in ensuring we find auditions that best fit their profile.

Founded by Ian Logan,a former SABC
continuity presenter and 94.7 radio presenter,amongst other things,the agency has been striving on such expertise to go foward and excel.

We are motivated in going the extra mile in making the client happy and we strongly believe that it is about the people at the end.Logan talent intends not only to just get people work appearing in cormmercials,but also allow them the opportunity to expirirence the unique thrill of being in auditions and learning new things.

Contact Us

Email: logantalents@gmail.com
Phone: 0117261009

More Information

We open Monday to Fridays.Contact us at logantalent@iburst.co.za,or call 0117261009 monday to Friday during working hours.Sign up sessions take place Wed to Fridays 2 to 5 pm in the afternoons.Or by individual appointment.Photos should be emailed first before booking sign up.We charge a once off fee of just R350 for your z card.A z card serves a your profile we exclusively use to represent artist
Watch the space! Soon we will have training sessions for all our characters! We realise that that is inexpirience with people that join,not knowing what to do and what to expect and general tips,do and donts.During Sign UP sessions,we have a brief interview and screening process,and we also give out a free auditions guide.But we think this is insufficient and we will soon have extensive training sessions.Watch the space!

IN  ORDER for you to join the agency,you need to send us recent photos of yourself.One of the photos has to be full lenght.The reason for this is beacuse we have to be able to see what you look like in person,and see your shape,size,height,body build and so forth.This helps us on our decision to accept you into joining the agency.We then reply with further details on what you should do next.If you have been accepted,this means that you will be given a list of sign up session of the month for you to choose from.You then select the date that is best suitable for you and you make a booking.

A once off fee or R350 is to be paid when you join.This is a z card production fee.A z card is your profile we exclusively use to represent you.

Coming to the sign up session is the first stage in what could be your big break, it is important to come to the session you have been booked for. Failure to come, without giving a reason in advance is a sign of unreliability, an undesirable characteristic for the advertising industry.

The sign up session include

·         Photo session

·         Brief interview

·         Brief screening

·         Brief explanation of how we work

·         Audition Tips Sheet

And more


Here are some commonly asked questions about Logan Talent

Must I be thin or tall ?

Absolutely not. This is not a modelling agency. We appreciate diverse looks as we focus on placing characters on adverts and as extras.
If you watch adverts or TV in general,you will not just see skinny people!

How much is the joining fee?
See info on sign up sessions

What kind of auditions will I go to?

Artists  whose profile fits the description of the casting will be sent to the auditions. Casting briefs are very specific,
For example If they are looking for a 200 year old caucasian chubby guy (Hopefully they don't),a 21 year old black girl will not be taken to such auditions.
And so on,you get the picture...

What must I dress for sign ups?

Obviously you have to look good as you will be taking photos that will represent you in your career! What looks good is subjective.
There is no specific dress code for sign up.It is advisable to keep it simple and be true to yourself! Remember less is more!

I Have tattoes/Piercings.Can I still join?

Yes! You can still join. As mentioned earlier,the advertisement industry is built on diverse characters! There is a place for everyone.
However some clients will specify against somethings such as tattoes or piercings.Imagine a nappy advert where the mother is all pierced !
Similarly you can easily imagine an advertisement with tattoed or pierced people. For all sorts of cool things!

How much will I pay  per month?

You do not pay anything  apart from the initial z card fee of R350 when you join

How often will I go to auditions?

You will go for as often as we get auditions that request a character that your profile fits

Must I be South African?

No.Anyone can join.Infact,we are requested to find non South African characters from time to time!

When does my membership expire?

It does not.You are permanently in our database until such time that you can longer go to auditions

Okay,when are these sign ups?

Sign ups are generally on Thursdays and Friday afternoons,but an an individual appointment can be made

What if my look changes?

When your look changes drastically you have to notify us of such changes.If the changes are serious then we will call you in for another shoot.
These have to be significant changes.Not just a hairstyle!

Am i going to meet Justin Beiber afterwards?